R. Nicolay & Sohn

Chulovich, Viktor N., Moscow

*1922      +1994

Viktor Nikolaevich Chulovich was born July 5, 1922 near Moscow, in the Mytishchinskii Region village of Cherkizovo. As a young child, Chulovich displayed a strong interest in and talent for art. When it was time to start school his education began at an art school. In 1939 began Viktor Chulovich to study art at the 1905 Moscow Art School, skipping immediately into the second year of the program. Chulovich had the great fortune to study painting under Petr Ivanovich Petrovichev (a student of Levitan) and drawing with Vasilii Petrovich Krymov (brother of the famous painter Nikolai Petrovich Krymov). Unfortunately he was unable to complete his 3rd year because in 1941 he was drafted into the Red Army. In August of the following year he was seriously wounded in battle and by January of 1943 was completely demobilized.
Upon returning home from the hospital, Chulovich went back to his school to find no one left with whom he had previously studied. He planned next to enroll in the Moscow Art Institute (Surikov Institute) however he soon discovered that the school had been evacuated as a result of the war. Fortunately, the Soviet State Institute of Cinematography had already returned from evacuation, so Chulovich enrolled and continued his studies in their art department under the direction of F.S. Bogorodskii and K.F. Morozov. He graduated from the school in 1945. From 1949-1951, Viktor