R. Nicolay & Sohn

Baskakov, Nikolai N., St.Petersburg

*1918      +1993

Baskakov attended Astrakhan Art College from 1933-39. Seven years were served in the Soviet Army before he attended the Repin Institute 1945-51. His diploma -comprising a number of genre paintings focused on the theme of work - was under the guidance of Boris Ioganson, in the 1950s. "The spirit of Classicism was in the very system of our education. We learned from each other and from the works of old masters, as was the case during the Renaissance and later. Rarely did our maestro correct our mistakes and make comments." Baskakov became a member of the Leningrad Chapter of the Russian Artists Union in 1951 and participated in local exhibits in Leningrad, republican and national exhibitions and Soviet art exhibits. He thrice won the Kirov Factory team. Baskakov's works are found in museums in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Alma-Ata, Astrakhan, Kazan, Yaroslavl and in private collections worldwide.

Worker in the fish factory.1973Going home.1960