R. Nicolay & Sohn

Bogachev, Peter N., Moscow

*1921      +2005

Petr Bogachev studied at the Surikov Moscow State Art Institute (1941-1950), where S. Gerasimov and V. Favorskaya were his teachers. Later on, he has lived and worked in Moscow where he regularly participated in exhibitions since 1950. The main motives of the artist are the portrait, the landscape and the still life. So character of people, their live, their milieu and homeland they are living in have a big impact on Petr Bogachev.
In 1954 he made the Bread panel for the All-Union Agriculture Exhibition, in 1959 the Music & Theater panel for the Culture & Everyday Life exhibition pavilion at the All-Union Exhibition of Economic Achievements. Petr Bogachevs works were shown in exhibitions in Berlin (1951) and Warsaw (1955). 1956-1958 creative trips to Middle Asia.
The artists pictures are in a big number of regional museums, in private collections in Russia and abroad: Germany, Japan, Italy, USA, England, China, France