R. Nicolay & Sohn

Zakharkin, Vladimir S., Moscow

*1923      +

Vladimir Zakharkin received the special artistic education at the Moscow Surikov State Art Institute, which he graduated from in 1950. His professors were A.Osmerkin, H.Maximov, P.Kotov.
Vladimir Zakharkin has taken part in the art exhibitions since 1951, including sales exhibitions of the Russian paintings in England, Poland, Austria, Germany, Holland, France.
The works of V.Zakharkin are multi-sided indeed, but his most beloved subjects are pertinent to specific topics, requiring tiny skill and master work. It has been reflected in full in his subject paintings, where he discloses the images of his counterparts, which are simple and sincere.
One may find Zakharkins works in the collections of the museums of Barnaul, Cheboxary, Rostov-on-Don, Yaroslavl, Krasnodar. His works are represented in numerous private collections in Russia and abroad.