R. Nicolay & Sohn

Zvezdkin, Yuri A., Moscow

*1928      +1994

Born in Moscow in 1928, Zvezdkin studied at the Moscow Intermediate Art School until 1948; at the Repin Institute from 1948 to 1951; and at the Surikov Institute from 1951 to 1954; where he studied under Professors P.I. Kotov, V.G. Tsyplakov and V.K. Nechitailo.
Active in Novosibirsk from 1954 - 1957. He began exhibiting in 1955.
It was his trips on the Volga and Kama rivers and his travels through Siberia , Nothern Russia and the environs of Moscow that were decisive in his developing a special fondness for landscape. He was invariably drawn by the perpetual novelty of nature’ s transitional states.
Yuri Zvezdkin’ s works are distinguished by an exquisite use of color and singularity of his plastic language. The artist’ s ability to see and express the beauty – the delicate sound of color and the amazing harmony of objects in the natural world – makes him rank amoung the finest masters of Russian landscape. His works are to be seen at many art exhibitions and museums.