R. Nicolay & Sohn

Kotov, Viktor I., Podolsk

*1927      +1994

Viktor Kotov was born 3rd of January 1927 in the town Tula in the family of a smith.
Since his childhood he devoted to the art. Visited various art studios in Tula.
1942 he went to the front as volunteer. Wounded in 1944 he received four medals for
his merits in World War II. After coming home he visited the Art College in Tula.
In 1950ies he heard about Academic Dacha named after I.E. Repin and decided to
continue his artistic education there. His teachers became Sergei Tutunov, the brothers
Aleksei and Sergei Tkachev, Vladimir Gavrilov working on this place. Because of his
progress in painting he could stay in the studios of Academic Dacha without charge as
long as he wanted. In the same time he made friends with the artists Veniamin Safonov
and Yuri Matushevski from Podolsk. That was the reason that he also moved to Podolsk.
Participant in local, republican and All-Union-exhibition since 1956.

Still-life with green glass.1980Red autumn.1962Spring.1962