R. Nicolay & Sohn

Gremitskikh, Vladimir G., Moscow

*1916      +1991

Studied at the Moscow Art School at K.K.Zefirov’s and M.Sokolov’s workshop in 1932-1936;
At the Moscow State V.I.Surikov Art Institute at P.D.Pokarzhevsky’s and S.V.Gerasimov’s workshop in 1936-1942.
Member of the Moscow Union of Artists since1945.
Participated in exhibitions since1943.
1952, 1953, 1954 – exhibitions of artists of the RSFSR. Moscow
1956 – “50th anniversary of the first Russian Revolution”. Moscow
1964 – “Prosper, the Land of Kolkhozes”. Moscow
1966 – “Monuments of Ancient Russian Architecture in Works of Moscow Artists”. Moscow
1988 – personal exhibition. Moscow
Works of the artist are kept in the museums in Russia and in private collections in Russia, Germany, USA, Japan and France.