R. Nicolay & Sohn

47. Guriy, Samon and Aviv. 19th century. Style 17th century. 23. The Holy Virgin of  Wladimir. 18th century. 7. The Rejoicing of the Sorrowful. 19th century. 31. The Hholy Virgin Yugskaya. Begin 19th century. 42. St. John the Baptist.Begin of 19th century. 20.The Holy Virgin of Kazan. 19 century. 26.The Holy Virgin 56. 41. The Holy Virgin of Vladimir. 19th century 9.Four part icon. Begin of 19th century. 22. Saint Nicholas the Miracleworker. Early  19th century. 3. Three-handed Virgin. End of 18th century. 49. The Pantocrator. Begin 19th century. 78. Virgin of the Sign. 19th century. 74. The Holy Virgin Fedorovskaya.19 th century. Silver cover. 46. The Holy Virgin Iverskya. 19th century. 59. The Pantocrator. Begin 19th century. Silver cover, Moscow 1847 53. The Holy Virgin of Vladimir, about 1650. Silver middle of the 18th century. 73. St. Nicholas. 16th century. 45. The Holy Virgin