R. Nicolay & Sohn

Ulyanov, Nikolai I., Moscow

*1922      +1990

N. Uliyanov was born in 1922 in the village Polukhtino, Tver region.
He began painting from childhood. Talented on his nature, with a sensitive and impressive soul, the painter delicately perceived the world s beauty. N. Uliyanov went to the front as a volunteer. Participated in the defence of Moscow, battled on the arch in Kursk and in Donbass. In 1943 he was injured and became invalid. The painter in a full measure experienced physical and soulful agonies, hunger, misery. But exactly that time N. Uliyanov recognised his destination - to be an artist. So, the painter devoted all his life to the art. In 1950 he graduated with honours from the Moscow art studio for invalids of the World War II. K.Yuon, I. Zakharov, G.Sretensky were his professors. He painted a lot of subject paintings, devoted to the people, participating in the war. The painter also liked to make portraits of his relatives, friends and children. Since 1958 N. Uliyanov was a member of the Union of Artists. A participant of many Moscow, republican and international exhibitions.

Portrait of the artist Fomin.1972Lady in red coat.1968