R. Nicolay & Sohn

Sudakov, Pavel F., Moscow

*1914      +

Pavel Fedorovich Sudakov was born in Moscow in 1914. In 1941 he graduated from the prestigious Surikov Moscow Art Institute where he studied under G. Ryazhski.
During World War II he was a machine gunner, and then served as a frontier troop. He became a junior lieutenant and was awarded the World War II medals: “for the Defense of Moscow” and “For the Victory over the Germans in World War II, 1941- 1945”, among others.
Since 1945 he has become a participant in republican and All-Union art exhibitions. Since 1973 – a participant in exhibition-sales of Soviet paintings abroad: Japan, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Canada, USA, France, Italy. Sudakov had several personal exhibitions: 1974, 1979 in Moscow. 1980 in Germany (R.Nicolay and Sohn , Kevelaer, Gallery Kocken) .
Sudakov’s works are displaying in the Russian museum; the Central museum of the Revolution; the Murmansk Regional museum of lokal Lore; the State History museum; the Kasakh Picture Gallery; the Erevan State Art Gallery; the State Art Museum of the Turkmen SSR; the State Art Museum of the Moldavian SSR; the Garky museum in Moscow; the Tbilisi State Picture Gallery ( Georgia ); the State Art Museum in Chelyabinsk and Uzhgorod; Russia Artists’ Union.

Roses in front of dark background.1967Old shoemaker.1976