R. Nicolay & Sohn

Maksyutov, Rashid G., Podolsk

*1925      +1996

Born in 1925 in Kislovodsk.
He graduated from the Surikov State Art Institute in Moskow in 1950. He was a pupil of G.Shegal and V.Tsyplakov.
Maksyutov R. is participant of regional, national art exhibitions since 1943. Maksyutovs works always have a precise compositional pattern and a well-thought-out colouristic orchestration. Effect for its own sake is what the painter wholly avoids. His landscapes are simple, unaffected in style, yet by this seeming simplicity and absence of sophistication the painter succeeds in bringing out the whole gamut of natures diverse moods and states. His masterly command of artistic idiom enables him to bring his idea home to the viewer, making the latter see the remarkable in the commonplace. Rashid Maksyutov prefers rich, dynamic brushwork which imparts a particular emotional expressiveness to the dipicted objects and accentuates their textural quality.
1959, 1960, 1961, 1975, 1985 one-man show in Moscow
1962 - Stanitsa Veshenskaya- the native village of M. Sholokhov

Outskirts of Moscow.1965Red Square.1968Ice floes.1960Winter road.1960