R. Nicolay & Sohn

Shevandronova, Irina V., Moscow

*1928      +1993

Шевандронова Ирина Владимировна
Honored artist of Russia (1963), Studied at the Moscow High School (1943-1947) later at the V.I. Surikov Moscow State Institute of Arts (1947 -1953) . Till 1953 she lived and worked in Moscow. Took part in the exhibitions since 1951.
1951 -1952 creative trips to Altai.
1954, 1957 Moscow
1955 Syria and Poland
1963 creative trips to Amur and Ussuri rivers
1964 Moscow
1966,1967 group exhibition Soviet Art in Afganistan, South Africa and Japan
1968, 1970,1972 in Moscow
1974 Portrait,Vilnius
The wife of A.A. Tutunov. Her works were constantly exhibited in the Moscow, republican and all union painting exhibitions. The works of I.V. Shevandronova are presented in more than 20 museums in Russia including the State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, the State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, and in many private collections in Russia and abroad: Japan, China Germany,USA, Great Britain, Italy, Greece, Norway.

Farmer's wife.1964Ways of youth. Sketch for the painting.1966Recitation of the poems by Mayakovski.1973