R. Nicolay & Sohn

Plastov, Arkadi A., Prislonikha

*1893      +1972

The winner of the Stalin prize (1946), the winner of the Lenin prize (1966).
The full member of the Academy of Arts of USSR (1947).
The People’s Artist of USSR (1962). He studied in the Stroganov central artistic and industrial college (1912 - 1914), in the Moscow school of painting, sculpture and architecture, the sculpture department (1914-1917), the classes by S.M. Volnukhin. At the same time, he studied painting from A.E. Arkhipov, A.S. Stepanov, A.M. Vasnetsov. Mainly, he worked in Prislonikha (near the city of Simbirsk).
A.A. Plastov’s personal exhibitions were organized in Moscow (1976, 1983, 1993, 2003) and in Sofia (1964).
He was also exhibited in the Union of artists of USSR.
A.A. Plastow is recognized in Russia as one of their greatest artists of the 20th century.
The artist’s creations are kept in the Tretyakov State Gallery, the State Russian Museum, in the Regional artistic museum of Ulyanovsk, the Samara regional artistic museum and in many other major museums of former USSR.

Sasha Karpunin. 1938Sunflowers. 1965